Not All Soaps Are Created Equal

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Did you know that when people say they've used 100% therapeutic essential oils in their product that there may not be any essential oil at all???

Oatmeal & Honey Soap

The Essential Oil Industry Has No Regulation

While there are essential oil companies out there that say they are 100% therapeutic essential oil, because there's no regulation, there may not be any essential oil at all.

Did you know that most essential oil companies only make their products with synthetics or weeds and pesticides in the essential oil?

Know Before You Purchase

If you are purchasing an essential oil, you need to look for the posting of their test results. If the company doesn't post those results of the tests then I would say run! There are many essential oil companies out there that are legitimate and will post test results. Then ask yourself another question. If the essential oil says for external use only, then why would you put it on the largest organ of your body? Your skin! When I put an essential oil in my products I make sure they test out pure and they are safe. Now not all essential oils can you take internally, but as a whole the company you deal with will still post proper notification and the ones you can take internally will also have supplemental use on the bottle. It won't say not for internal use!

So I say be careful of what you want to consider as safe, natural and pure!

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