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A little understanding of the Orgone Pyramids.


They are based on Austrian Psychoanalyst Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 20th century research he performed.


The term orgonite refers to the use of quartz crystals, semi precious gemstones, metals and resin. The resin compressing on these stones and metals is a combination for balance of the life energy we know as prana, chi or orgone.  Prana, chi or orgone is known through the Hindu philosophy including yoga and Indian medicine as the Sanskrit word for breath, “life force” or “vital principle”

The powerful healing effects of the crystals are magnified and electrically charged by the resin. The organic materials absorb the vital energy, organic energy, while the non organic components of the pyramid disperse it back in all directions.

Orgone pyramids can help to improve immunity and resistance to illnesses as well as enhance energy levels and better overall feeling. Help to remove stressors that affect us on an unconscious level by projecting high vibrational energies. People have reported the orgone pyramids have helped their overall lives both spiritually and mentally. Orgone Pyramids have been known to help heal the environments through energetic cleansing. They can access deeper meditative states and strengthen intentions and visualizations. Help to fight insomnia and improve sleep and help to give vivid and pleasant dreams. They can help each individual on her or her specific imbalances as if they “know” what you need as well spiritual growth. The orgone pyramid can help to protect from EMF radiation from electric and electronic devices.  Heal environments that need a thorough energetic cleansing.

My pyramids have different stones and metals for different and combined needs for individuals or families.


You will also notice that some of my pyramids while they are made with resin and metals they may or may not have crystals in them if they are made with “Steam Punk” items. These are meant to be fun and enjoyable pieces. They may not possess the properties for cleansing energy but for fun and pure enjoyment!

Many of the crystals and metals used in my Orgones and even the fun Steampunk pyramids are as follows:



Stress, strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief and dissolves negativity. It activates spiritual awareness and opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.


Clear Quartz:


Considered the master healer. It is said to amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating it. Also is said to aid concentration and memory and helps to stimulate the immune system and balance out the entire body. Clear Quartz is said to draw off negative energy, neutralise background radiation, stimulate the immune system, and bring the entire body back into balance. It can work its magic on all levels, including the physical, mental, and emotional.




Red in color, It brings healing energy to the organs in the area of the lower body within the sacral chakra. Excellent to combine with many of the high vibration crystal energy.




Helps strengthen self esteem and positive vibrant flow of energy in and around the body. Helpful in improving digestion and strengthening one’s physical endurance.


Rose Quartz


It is used to reset the heart chakra, release stress and promote circulation and skin health. Also for gentleness and love.

Black Tourmaline.


It’s one of the best protective crystals and clears energies that try to throw off your natural rhythm, chaotic energy and negative attachments or entities. 



It represents present, past and future. It is a Buddhist meditation symbol. In Christianity the triskelion can represent the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and the Holy Sprit, the 3 days from the death of Jesus to his resurrection or the temptations of Jesus by the devil. The Celtic meaning, the spiral pattern is one of the most common in nature and is believed to represent the sun or the radiation of ethereal energy.



is for promoting inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters. It aids in the digestive system. Assimilates nutrients, eliminates toxins and fluid retention. Alleviates degenerative conditions of skin, hair, eyes and fleshy organs such as liver and pancreas. It is also a great protector if traveling.


Is known to enhance the powers of the moon. It is identified with the lunar manifestations of the Great Mother, the eternal goddess. Silver can also be used to enhance one’s psychic abilities, as it is a psychic-influencing metal. It has been thought to have powers of  invocation, love, psychic abilities and peace.


Blue Sodalite 

brings order and calmness to the mind. It encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition, along with verbalisation of feelings. Sodalite brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks. It enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust.


Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone used for thousands of years for its healing properties. It is often used to purify and detoxify the body. Great at grounding negative energy and cleansing the body, Bloodstone brings love into any situation and helps ground the negative energies surrounding that issue.


Lapis Lazuli

boosts the immune system, purifies blood, lowers blood pressure, cooling and soothing areas of inflammation. It alleviates insomnia and vertigo, and overcomes depression.


Black Sand

Use for protection, banishing or negativity based spells.



can combat lethargy, passivity, restlessness, excitability, and non-acceptance of oneself. It stimulates initiative, optimism, diplomacy, and independence. Copper activates and opens the base and sacral chakras. Copper  can also be used to stabilize and to balance the flow of blood within the body; helping to increase circulatory functions when necessary. It can be used to cleanse wounds and to fight bacterial infection. It is also useful in the treatment of arthritis, bursitis, and rheumatism, and to stimulate the metabolic process.


White Sand

 Used for purity, cleansing, protection, wisdom, preparing for change, physical and emotional balance, harmonizes all aspects of oneself.



Thought to activate all kinds of different hormones and enzymes. It is thought to enhance the effect of insulin and help with diabetes, supporting the immune system and promote production of growth hormones. Also thought to regulate the development of the brain and sensory perception. It is important for the retina and senses of taste and smell. It encourages regeneration and healing of wounds, bone formation and toughening of the outer layer of skin.


Celebrated as one of the most powerful crystals for rinsing the body of toxic vibes most associated with fear and guilt, Sodalite pushes you higher to claim that confidence clarity and emotional intelligence that is needed for enhancing self-trust. Sodalite meaning comes from its contained mineral, sodium-rich magmas and it's called the blue "Logic Stone" for its ability to clear the mind and bring out deep thought. It empowers the analytical side of a person, creativity, observation, discipline, and clears one's vision.


Tiger Eye

A stone of protection, Tiger Eye may also bring good luck to the wearer. It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions. Particularly useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, dispelling fear and anxiety. Tigers Eye is good for growing your confidence and strength and it is known as the stone of courage. It is a root and sacral chakra stone which means it helps you to get grounded, build a safe and strong foundation, and find your motivation once more. It's also good at warding off negative energy.

Known as the stone of compassion, peridot is believed to bring good health, restful sleep and peace to relationships by balancing emotions and mind. This friendly bright green stone also has the uncanny ability to inspire eloquence and creativity; it also brings delight and good cheer.


Known for cleansing, purification, releasing negative energies, and bringing peace and balance.

Rose Petals

Rose Petals on the bottom which  are often a symbol of romance, love, gratitude, grace, joy, and admiration.Being the flower of love, roses have been used in magic love spells. It is believed that roses can promote love.


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