When you may look at my ingredients for the soaps you will notice that most but not all ingredients are using the same oils.  That's because I feel once you find a method that's tired and true and gives you that great bar of soap you want to stay with it!  

While most of my soaps are using the cold process method of soap making there are some that I have used in the hot process.  I find using the hot process method the bars are more rustic looking and don't have the ability of being more intricate with designs and if you do try to do so they need more water making the bar softer.  My cold process soaps are cured for 6 weeks so they become hard and long lasting.

Glycerin is necessary to nurture and moisturize the skin, this is what makes handmade soaps different from manufactured soaps. Manufactured soaps lose the quality of ingredients because in a manufactured soap, the natural by-product of glycerin is normally removed and sold separately.  This is why  handmade soap is a healthier choice.

I only use the highest quality of oils that I can find in my soaps as well as the different colorants of micas, eco friendly glitter, pigments and oxides. All being  cosmetic-grade minerals and micas.

Some of the soaps have titanium dioxide added, which has been sometimes known as  a sun block.

The fragrance oils are premium fragrances and are fragrance and essential oil blends. Every fragrance oil that I use has been approved through the International Fragrance Association and tested for the use of soaps, lotions, etc.  My fragrances that I use are Phthalate Free.  Any essential oil that I use is tested and retested through a 3rd party testing facility to make sure there are no fillers in them and they are in fact 100% pure essential oil.

The use of milks in my soaps are a great addition. Milk creates a creamy lather and is a healthy additive for the skin!  I normally use Goats Milk, Buttermilk, Coconut Milk as well as on occasion Camel Milk!  What wonderful blends of soap these milks make.

Country Goddess Soaps uses biodegradable wrapping on all of the products.

I welcome any questions that you may have feel free to contact me.